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Environmental Cleaning Tools

Collection of Cleaning Supplies

Classes are limited to the following number of supplies per semester:

(1) Rag*2 pcs. If it is not paid, it will not be paid again in the next semester.

(2) Garbage bags *3(including one roll taken by the instructor at the beginning of the period)

(3) If the number of items exceeds the above quantity, please purchase them at your own expense.

(4) All other items not listed above must be borrowed with identification.

The number of supplies per semester is limited to the following:
(1) 3 rags.

(2) Garbage bags*4 rolls.

(3) 1 piece of dishcloth*.

(4) Please note the reason for any quantity exceeding the above.

(5) For the rest of the items not listed above, please register and note the reason when you get them. If you can't use them anymore, you have to return the damaged ones for new ones.

If there is a special need, please fill out a loan form with a deposit card and return it to the Labor Education Section after use. In addition, cleaning supplies such as stabilizer and decontamination powder, etc., whose contents have been used up must be returned to the Labor Education Section in the form of empty bottles and cans before the card can be collected.
Cleaning tools such as rags, dishcloths, etc., should be returned to the Labor Education Section after their contents have been used up.If the item becomes unserviceable during the semester, it must be returned for replacement or the item will no longer be provided for that semester.

If there are other matters that are not exhaustive, they will be stipulated in separate supplementary provisions.

Cleaning Utensils

General List of Cleaning Appliances (Products)
1. Garbage bags 2. Rags 3. Cabbage Cloth 4. Stability 5. Stain remover
6. Wiper 7. Trash rack 8. Bucket 9. Wringer 10. Glass scraper (with replacement head)
11. Floor brush 12. Cotton (Dot Rubber) Gloves 13. Steel Knife 14. Static Mop 15. Long-handled broom